Friday 2nd December 2022
11:00am or 2:00pm (GMT)
Duration: 45 minutes

The Potency and Potential of Mentoring for You

How can a mentor help you to realise your goals and aspirations?
with Helen Duguid

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Friday 2nd December 2022
11:00am or 2:00pm GMT
Duration: 45 mins

About this Webinar

How can a mentor help you to realise your goals and aspirations?

This webinar will inspire your search for your ideal mentor. The session will offer tools and templates to help you consider what you are looking for in a mentor, how great mentees need to think and how to get started to find a great mentor. The webinar will leave you equipped with practical exercises to guide your next steps on the potency and potential of mentoring on your development.

About 934 Talent
Ignite - Thrive - Flourish

934 Talent is a leader in talent development working across some of the largest organisations in the world – we’ve developed a clear insight into the big challenges facing talent enablement. It’s this experience, knowledge and disruptive thinking that’s focussed our vision on the lack of ‘talent gateways’ from graduates to team leaders to industry visionaries. We’re developing a talent and leadership ecosystem for everyone to address learning and development needs across key career milestones to transform their development.

About the Speaker

Helen Duguid is Head of Coaching at 934 Talent and is the former Head of Great Leaders for Microsoft. Helen is a distinguished global leadership coach and one of the world’s leading experts on talent development. Her contagious energy and passion in life are fuelled by a yearning to help others flourish and ignite excellence.

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