Susanne Brealey

Maximiser - Futuristic - Focus - Strategic - Achiever

Susanne's fire is fuelled by coaching that drives evolution in people, organisations and teams. 

With over thirty years of consulting experience - including fifteen at Microsoft - Susanne understands how people are the framework of digital transformation and integral to lasting systemic improvements. 

Her secret? She ignites brilliance in these businesses by kindling passion in the people who keep its heart beating. In short, she re-fuels the fuel of the folk within the company, and everyone burns brighter as a result. 

Susanne thrives in consulting environments which require big-picture thinking. And her experience ensures that whatever the goal, she has the strategies needed to realise those dreams. 

As a coach, her strengths-based approach defines the future of business practices and changes the lives of the people who adopt it. 

Susanne has relished consulting on various business transformations, leadership & organisational development and cultural change assignments. Roles in Microsoft included consulting to the UK HR Director, Head Of Great Leaders, EMEA People and Organisational Capability Director, EMEA Executive Business Units and finally supporting the Microsoft President of EMEA and the EMEA Leadership Teams

Seeing refreshing truth from the perspective of diversity and youth, Susanne is passionate about NexGen leadership and young talent. As a coach to young innovators, she seeks to disrupt traditional pathways to 'success' and create opportunities for all people - whatever age - to go and change the world.

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