Jenni Emery

Input - Intellection - Strategic - Learner - Achieve

"Walk on air against your better judgement”

Seamus Heaney

A lover of language and the ways it can work in and through us, Jenni is a published poet and brings this perspective to bear in her work. Jenni unlocks potential and forges connection - she's a conjurer of collaboration and an expert coach. 

Known internationally for her sharp intellect and refreshing pragmatism, Jenni delivers lasting results to people, teams and organisations across the world's largest professional service firms.

She believes in building and curating communities within businesses, especially those made reaching outward, meaningfully connected to the broader web of vibrant networks they serve. 

The people - and communities - she coaches are robust yet flexible and respond elegantly to the challenges of the dynamic context in which they operate - including Industry 4.0. 

The extra spark she ignites? They operate and evolve with passion, intention and joy. 

Her coaching style is dynamic, integrative, and innovative: Jenni is the author of Leading for Organisational Change: Building Purpose, Motivation and Belonging (Wiley, 2019). She is a founding partner at Altair Advisory, and founder of Wholly. She’s listed on the Financial Times’ 2019 list of ‘Top 100 Influential Women in Engineering in the UK and Europe’ and her earlier career included M&A, strategy and Chief People Officer roles across law, engineering and private equity. She is Vice-Chair of Spurgeon's Children's Charity and on the board of Westminster Abbey

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