Helen Duguid

Activator - Woo - Maximiser - Ideation - Strategic

Expect the unexpected from Helen and from yourself. 

Effervescent, creative and challenging, Helen's energy and experience draws out her clients' most innovative thinking, cultivating environments where they can explore new ideas and reveal new pathways for themselves. (As well as helping them navigate this new terrain.)

Coaching leaders and high-performing individuals, she enables people to wield their strengths rather than focus on their weaknesses, to evolve, flourish and thrive in themselves and the teams they work within.

A curator of knowledge, Helen encourages audacious thinking and challenges the status quo in mindset and business practice. You'll leave her sessions energised and inspired to transform and achieve your most meaningful goals - disrupting any 'that'll do' mentality at whatever level or scope it's encountered. 

With over 30,000 hours of client coaching experience, Helen is called upon by the C-Suite of Google, Microsoft, Linklaters, Warner Bros, McKinsey's and more - and is a faculty member of Meyler Campbell, the renowned global coaching organisation. 

Rather than focus on what hinders you, Helen will help you harness what kindles you. 

So, the question is... what’s the question you’re not asking of yourself?

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