Freddie Fielding

Futuristic - Adapter - Developer - Positivity - Belief

Freddie brings the voice of NexGen to the 934 Talent ecosystem. 

Freddie is a force of the future: harnessing the power of sport, coaching and education - having felt its fire himself - to support a happier, healthier and more inclusive society.

The strengths sport gives us do not stay there - and you don’t need to be an elite athlete to draw on the learning sport gives us. 

The components of sporting strength - that Freddie knows first-hand - absolutely do filter into our everyday and ‘professional’ behaviour. Freddie is the evangelist of the power of that message.

Integral in and founder of many aspects of 934 Talent’s future and NexGen visions, Freddie is driven to help us all feel how amazing our peak performance can be. 

Freddie = energy + expertise personified.

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