Boris Verkhovsky

Maximiser - Arranger - Developer - Includer - Positivity

“Without beautiful choreography, intriguing costumes, wonderful makeup, phenomenal music, superb theatrical lighting, hi-tech projection and stunning scenography, acrobatics cannot speak. However, without acrobatics, the story cannot be told the Cirque du Soleil way. This narrative is possible because the company allows us to experiment, to be innovative, and thus acrobatics create a tale of poetry in motion that turns heads and captures the hearts of our audiences.”

Boris' origin story does not define him but will inspire you. 

After achieving his degree in acrobatics and coaching world-class level acrobats in the former Soviet Union, as a Canadian emigree 'getting by' in the 70's, these skills and expertise were temporarily set aside. 

But the calling of the mat was strong. 

Connecting with Calgary's local gymnastics' club, his passion and talent reignited to align with the Canadian youth - and he soon became Head Coach of the Canadian National Teams in Gymnastics and Trampoline simultaneously.

In 1993, his life changed.

He was invited to Montreal to run a MasterMind class for a new company. They called themselves, Cirque du Soleil. 

That one week grew into a 30-year career. 

As first Head Coach, then acting Director and an Expert-Director, his department was responsible for the conception, design and development of all the acrobatic performances for new shows.

Inducted to the World Acrobatic Society's Hall of Fame in 2016, Boris is an electrifying speaker and a compelling, committed coach. 

And as a person? He's one of a kind.

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